Exhibitions in the Wildling’s Los Olivos Facilities:

Wildlings and Wild Places: Artwork by Patti Jacquemain, 2012
Nature’s Imprint, 2012
Family Vacation Collage Exhibition,
Carl Oscar Borg: An Artist’s Journey,
Earth as Art 3, 2012

Island Encounters: The Art and Conservation of the Channel Islands, 2011-2012
Scenic View Ahead: The Westways Cover Art Collection, 2011
Marc Muench: Explorations in North America, 2011
Birds in Art 2009, 2011
The Desert Speaks: The Art of Fernand Lungren, 2010
Milford Zornes: An American Artist, 2010
America’s Wilderness in Art: A Growing Collection, 2010
At Altitude: Four Views of the Southern Sierras, 2009-2010
Wildlings From the Deep: An Exhibition of Undersea Photography, 2009
The Land of Sunshine: Paintings from the Irvine Museum Collection, 2009
Nocturnes, 2008
Endangered Species: Flora and Fauna in Peril, 2008
Abbrescia’s Passion: Plein-Air Paintings of Glacier National Park, 2008
Members Collect III, 2008
The Poetry of Nature: Paintings and Lithographs by Russell Chatham, 2007-2008
Visions of the Boreal Forest: Artists Deep in the Northern Wilderness, 2007
Fragile Environments: Photographs of Antarctica and the Everglades by Roger Craton and Clyde Butcher, 2007
Painters of the Desert: The Arid West, 2007
Dick Smith and His Backcountry Wilderness, 2006-2007
Between Light and Shadow: Great Sand Dunes National Park, Photographs by John B. Weller, 2006
Plant Portraits: The California Legacy of A.R. Valentien, 2006
Biodiversity in the Art of Carel Pieter Brest Van Kempen, 2006
Bob Kuhn: Mammals Up Close and Personal, 2005-2006
Visionscapes: Vanishing Rock Art of the West. Photographs by Diane Orr, 2005
Members Collect II, 2005
In Touch with Nature: The Art of Nature Printing in America, 2005
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Seasons of Life and Land. Photographs by Subhankar Banerjee, 2004-2005
Inspired by Trees: An Exhibition of Art and Poetry, 2004
Women Portray the West: 1890-1940, 2004
Building a Collection, 2004
Ansel Adams: A Celebration of Wilderness, 2003-2004
Unbridled Beauty: Images of the Horse in American Art, 2003
Members Collect, 2003
Winter Across America, 2002-2003
John James Audubon: An American Woodsman, 2002
Along the Way: Ray Strong, Landscape Painter, 2002
The Final Eden: Early Images of the Santa Barbara Region, 2002
Picturing the Wilderness: Photographs by Josef Muench, Macduff Everton, and David Maisel, 2002
America’s Wilderness in Art, 2001-2002
Sierra Grandeur: Selections from the Schaefer Collection, 2001
Wildflowers, Wildflowers: The Paintings of Sophie Mitchell, 2001
Everett Ruess: A Wanderer in the Wilderness, 2000-2001