Through our exhibitions, the Wildling Museum offers visitors a unique perspective on
the importance of preserving our natural heritage. Through the eyes of artists and
interpretive materials, guests can renew their relationship with nature and wilderness  –
hopefully leaving more committed toward ensuring that those spaces remain for future generations.

Since we opened our doors in 2000, the Wildling has hosted and/or organized over 50
exhibitions.  We’ve shared the awe-inspiring works of giants like Ansel Adams, Georgia
O’Keeffe, Maynard Dixon, Carl Oscar Borg, and so many more.  Our exhibitions have surveyed
the early history of wilderness art and showcased contemporary artists like Clyde Butcher,
dedicated to bringing awareness to specific wilderness areas.

We are excited to be in our new facility in Solvang where our exhibition space
has grown from 900 sq. ft. to over 2000!  At any one time you can enjoy
three to five different exhibitions and artists.

With our increased exhibition calendar, we rely on foundations and individuals like you to help
support those expenses.  Please consider sponsoring an exhibition or making a donation to our special
Patti Jacquemain Exhibition Fund!  Call 805-686-8216 for more information.

Special thanks to the Towbes Foundation and the Robert and Mercedes Eichholz Foundation
for their support of shows in 2014, as well as donors to the Jacquemain Exhibition Fund.

To learn more about upcoming exhibitions, click on the links to the right!