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Recent Press Releases:

2018-10-16 Folded Art

2018-8-19 Nature Abstracted

2018-9-10 Gourd Art Class

2018-9-4 Art of Brunch – Wildling Fundraiser

2018-8-27 New Board Members

2018-8-21 Artist Talk With Susan Rowland

2018-8-14 Natural Perfume Workshop

2018-8-7 Announcing Photo Comp Winners

2018-8-7 Carrizo Photography

2018-7-31 Artist Talk With Dr. Chalquist

2018-7-10 Natured Regenerated

2018-6-11 Rose Compass Artists Panel Discuss The River’s Journey – July 8th

2018-5-29 Call for Volunteers 2018

2018-5-24 Author Talk with Robbie Kaye – June 24

2018-5-17 Kids workshop with Jill Littlewood and Pamela Zwehl-Burke – June 3rd

2018-5-14 The Wildling Museum of Art and Nature’s Delighting and Inspiring 15th Annual Spring Barbecue

2018-5-10 Gouache Painting Workshop with Libby Smith and Nina Warner – June 9th OR June 10th

2018-5-10 From Golf Course to Wetlands Documentary Screening – May 20

2018-2-24 Pastel Class with Chris Chapman – May 19th

2018-1-29 Basket Class with Kathy Badrak

2018-1-25 The River’s Journey Opens 2.17.2018

2018-1-20 Photography Competition Theme

2018-1-10 Gaviota Coast Film Screening

2017-12-14 Pastel Class with Chris Chapman

2017-11-08 Holiday Marketplace

2017-10-30 Dan Gerber Poetry Reading

2017-10-31 Patti Jacquemain Talk and Film

Wildling Museum The Student and the Teacher Opens 10.27