Exhibitions currently on view at the Wildling are listed below. Click on each to read more information.

Nature Imagined

July 20, 2018 – January 21, 2019

First Floor Gallery

You are invited to Nature Imagined, a special exhibition that celebrates nature through the vivid imaginations of Cheryl Medow, Ellen Jewett, and Hilary Brace. Inspired by nature, these artists use diverse materials and methods to create environments that engage the imagination.


Folded Art: Origami Animals by Robert Salazar

November 10, 2018 – March 25, 2019

Second Floor Valley Oak Gallery

The exhibit features a collection of origami animals found in Santa Barbara County such as the Steelhead Trout, California Condor, Tarantula, and a few prehistoric species as well. 


Nature Abstracted

October 3, 2018 – February 4, 2019

Barbara Goodall Education Center, Third Floor

This show features work from the Abstract Art Collective (AAC), a Santa Barbara community-based group of artists. Abstract art challenges the artist and audience to mine the depths of emotion and intellect—to journey far from real-world imagery and into the imagination. In this exhibit, you will see the artists’ response to various aspects of nature experiences—responses they’ve chosen to share.

A Mighty Oak by John Iwerks

A Mighty Oak

Second Floor Gallery

A permanent wall mural in our 2nd floor gallery that depicts the habitat around a Valley oak–one of the largest and old trees found in our area! Video and audio components to enhance the mural will be added soon.  It’s a beautiful way to learn about the gorgeous environment around us in Santa Barbara County.


Tule Elk Mosaic by Patti Jacquemain

Local Wildlife Mosaics

Second Floor Gallery

Eight handcrafted mosaics by artist and museum founder Patti Jacquemain illustrate various local wildlife species.  A delightful way to learn more about the natural world around us in Santa Barbara County and beyond!