Artist Talk Series

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Join the Wildling every last Sunday of the month for a chance to hear from the artists themselves! Learn about their body of work, techniques, inspiration, and so much more.

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August 27: Robert Salazar

Robert Salazar is sure to impress with his intricate origami folding. Robert Salazar is an origami artist, scientist, and engineer whose mission is to promote peace, environmental sustainability, and exploration through his work. He started designing and folding origami 17 years ago after reading the story of Sadako and the Thousand Cranes. Since then, he’s designed and folded hundreds of intricate feathered birds, endangered wildlife, and surreal art nouveau expressions, each from a single uncut sheet of paper. As the founder of Origami for an Interdependent World, he’s partnered with wildlife conservancies and environmental movements to spread awareness and fundraise through origami works. At NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, he designed the origami patterns for NASA’s Starshade, and continues to design large origami deployable solar reflectors for illuminating the Moon’s darkest, iciest craters for exploration.

Explore Robert's Website Here

September 24: Jessika Cardinahl

Hear how Jessika Cardinahl began her career as an accomplished actress and has transitioned into an accomplished artist. Jessika’s artistic emphasis is in the application of large scale canvas and linen. She also employs the use of craft packing paper, large cardboard mats and clear, unfinished wood veneer as the foundation for her artwork. Among her favorite mediums are oil colors, oil sticks, Kremer powder color pigments, charcoal and aquarelles. Jessika has not only been the Wildling’s featured artist in the gift shop, but Surrender, a mixed media piece depicting a zebra completes the alphabet in the exhibition, Animals: A-Z.

October 8: Lynn Hanson

“All of my work emanates from my constant attention and visceral connection to the natural world from a childhood stalking garter snakes at Whiskey Ditch in rural Minnesota to a daily ritual of exploring beaches and canyons along the California coast.” The work carries an undercurrent of longing: drawings of native wildlife on vintage maps, paintings: the gray sea, heaps of rope, and shelters of wrack and bramble, in addition, pinhole and chlorophyll photography from the wanderings. Hanson’s most recent solo exhibition wrack & bramble (field notes and meditations) was at Lora Schlesinger Gallery at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, CA.  Currently at the Wildling Museum, a drawing is included in the Animals: A-Z exhibition and a “chlorophyll print” is included in the Trees of the Tri-Counties Nature Photography show.


October 29: Bill Dewey

Bill has had his private pilot’s license since 1981 and bases his aerial photography out of Santa Barbara airport. Bill has been photographing the California landscape since taking up the camera in the early 1970’s and has had a photography studio/business in Santa Barbara for 30 years.   Some of his favorite subjects include the California Channel Islands, the Carrizo Plain, Baja California, and the rural California landscape.  A member of the Santa Barbara OAK Group, he has been distinctly influenced by the art and character of the noted California painter Ray Strong. Bill’s photographs have been featured in several of the Wildling’s past exhibitions and will be the subject of the upcoming exhibition, Overview: The Aerial Photography of Bill Dewey, opening on October 27, 2017.